Adrian Würsch (*1991) grew up in a small village in the center of Switzerland. Due to his family he got in touch with swiss folk music and the swiss diatonic accordion in his early childhood. During his youth he collected practical experiences in several traditional, as well as pop and also brass bands.

In 2011 Adrian started his studies in folk music at the Lucerne conservatory and received in July 2015 the Bachelor of Arts in Music and in January 2018 the Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy. For his bachelor project he got the award of SCHLOSS WYHER foundation.

With various projects and bands Adrian focuses on the divers possibilities to use his instrument, both in traditional and other styles of music. At the moment he is concentrating on real time signal processing with his diatonic accordion.

In addition Adrian also works as an instrumental teacher in several music schools and music course weeks.

Bands and projects Adrian is currently involved:






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