Results and findings of Adrian Würsch’s dealings with realt ime signal processing and effect devices are in focus in this trio. Inside of a most of the time basic harmonic structure the sound ranges between popular electronic music and free music. Furthermore the trio is also playing the compositions of the ADRIAN WÜRSCH QUARTET. One rule applies everywhere: influences of folk music can appear, but they are not condition.

Adrian Würsch  //  swiss diatonic accordion, loops, electronics

Pirmin Huber  //  (E-) double bass, electronics

Timo Wild  //  drums


native - origin - roots - local: These expressions describe IHEIMISCH. IHEIMISCH are the young swiss musicians Simone Felber, Adrian Würsch and Pirmin Huber. They met at Lucerne Conservatory. Their different origins (classical music, folk music, jazz) let them discuss about the roots and the sound diversity of the different genres they are used to play. This mixture of styles is the bottom of a new sound they create and also a starting point to explore new musical homelands…

Simone Felber  //  voice

Adrian Würsch  //  swiss diatonic accordion

Pirmin Huber  //  double bass


A groovy quartet of friends that goes on an exciting journey of trying out and exploring.
Whether Folk, Pop, Rock, Drum’n’Bass or Reggae: they are playing music limitless and adventurously with a lot of fun and rhythm.

Adrian Würsch  //  swiss diatonic accordion, fx

Linus Bircher  //  guitar, fx        

Lukas Bircher  //  double bass

Roli Würsch  //  drums  


Three of the most noticeable personalities of the young Swiss folk music scene present with their band name coincidently their musical concept. Normally they are well-known as part of the so called “new” Swiss folk music scene. But the trio sees itself also strongly rooted in the tradition. For the two diatonic accordionists Adrian Würsch and Robin Mark, as well as for the double bass player Pirmin Huber the diatonic accordion pioneers Josef Stump and Balz Schmidig or Josias Jenny are still idols. Furthermore the trio complements the traditional material with compositions of themselves.

Adrian Würsch  //  swiss diatonic accordion

Robin Mark  //  swiss diatonic accordion

Pirmin Huber  //  double bass


Christina and Adrian did their first musical steps as part of the Band HEITER...USW.
Meanwhile they found their way back to the traditional instrumental Swiss folk music. So they are particularly playing tunes by composers of Central Switzerland, such as Mosibuebä, Toni Bürgler, Rees Gwerder or Josef Stump and Balz Schmidig. Among them there are also pieces of composers of other parts in Switzerland, for example Arthur Brügger (Canton of Bern) or Josias Jenny (Canton of Graubünden).
They like the most to play their music at traditional pubs.

Christina Blättler  //  swiss diatonic accordion

Adrian Würsch  //  swiss diatonic accordion

Res Geiser  //  double bass

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